Sheesham Wooden Beard Comb-Hand Made

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This majestic Sheesham Wood comb has been hand-carved in a beautiful design. A perfect grooming comb for a sensitive scalp or skin and it comes with well known benefits. It prevents from scraping your scalp, protects your beard from dying by distributing oil from your scalp to hair, has a property to not conduct electricity which will prevent hair damage from static unlike plastic combs which produce static energy and snap the hair. Give your hair an even and lustrous look in all seasons. No Static Static electricity caused by rubbing your hair with plastic comb, makes your hair stiff and frizzy. It also believed that it causes a loss of energy to the brain. Encourages Hair Growth The scalp of beard contains a blood circulation which provide nutrients that help hair grow. Combing hair stimulates the scalp due to the movement and improves blood circulation. When circulation is enhanced, the scalp receives more nutrients which help the hair grow faster, longer and healthier. Remove Dirt and Foreign Particles After a long day, unwanted particles in the air settle into the beard. Regular accumulation of dirt and pollutants can increase the oil secretion and the residue can also lead to dandruff and damaged hair. Using a wooden comb helps to remove the settled particles and open up the pores allowing the scalp to breathe. It removes particles and oil build up, which can make your hair look lifeless due to increasing dandruff.

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Sheesham Wooden Beard Comb-Hand Made

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