Tupperware  Rice Keepers 10Kg

Product  Details:

Tupperware’s dry storage range transforms cabinets from chaos to 
organized storage, ensuring every inch of space is put to work.
Colour coordinated with red seals and see through windows, they
are a complete modular storage solution for your kitchen.
Need more space? Try the Rice Keeper. 
A great way to store items in large quantities such as flour, rice and
wheat in bulk. 
It protects the contents from moulding and infestation.

Features / Specifications:

  • Capacity of Rice Keeper is 10 kg.
  • Virtually airtight seal to lock in freshness.
  • Easily stackable.
  • Side handles for easy grip.


  • Seal the container properly to ensure airtight storage.

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Tupperware Rice Keepers 10Kg

  • Rs.1,400.00

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