Tupperware Family Bottle Set

Product Details:

AquaSafe Bottle 750 ml (Set of 2) and AquaSafe Bottle 500 ml (Set of 2).

Drinking water from your own bottle is not only great for the environment but also works wonders for your health. 
When you gift someone, the Family Bottle Set you share with them an amazing lifestyle solution.
One for each member of the family, you can store it in the refrigerator, take it when you step out and carry the 500 ml in your backpack or purse as well. 

Features / Specifications:

  • Available in two vibrant colours.
  • Tapered, contoured shape fits easily in your hand.
  • Fits in most car cup holders .
  • The screw cap makes the bottle spill proof.


  • Recommended for carrying only water.
  • Use Tupperware’s Bottle Brush to clean the insides of the bottles from time to time.

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Tupperware Family Bottle Set

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