Tupperware Executive Lunch

Consists of:
Small Bowl 180 ml (Set of 2), Large Bowl 450 ml (Set of 2) and Executive Lunch Bag.

Want to have a nutritious meal at work, but struggle to fit it all in? 
With a slick and professional look, the Salads and vegetables can go in the small bowls while the big bowls can contain rice, rotis, curd, curry etc.

Features / Specifications:

  • Bowls in 2 different sizes enable carrying a meal with variety.
  • Executive Lunch set comprises of components that are both airtight and liquid tight so that you can carry a complete meal on the go.
  • Bag comes with a strap that makes it convenient to carry.
  • Q warranty is applicable on the bag.


  • While packing lunch, wait for the contents to cool off a bit before sealing. Also, ensure you seal the containers properly.

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Tupperware Executive Lunch

  • Rs.1,000.00

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